Meet Kamini Moodley, Head of Manager Research ,Stanlib Multi-Manager, 34

Never one to be daunted by a challenge, Kamini Moodley believes it’s the challenges in life that build strength and character.

It was while she was still at university that Kamini faced her first career challenge. She had scheduled a meeting with the Dean of the Accounting faculty for some career guidance, where she was told in no uncertain terms that she should not bother to pursue this particular path, as she would not make it. Kamini left the meeting determined to prove the dean wrong – and she did.

Kamini’s advice to other aspiring graduates was informed by this encounter. “Find the people who think you’re crazy for having such big dreams and ensure you cross paths with them over and over again. They will ignite a fire in you so large it will blow your mind,” she says.

During her career, Kamini has found herself in a number of challenging roles, where she says she has been thrown in the deep end, and this is how she has found her real talents.

When she joined Stanlib Multi-Manager, the organisation was going through a period of enormous change. Despite the lack of structure in the company at the time, Kamini managed to find her      niche – taking the initiative and showing a positive attitude which was quickly noted by her co-workers and superiors; and ultimately leading her to taking up the role of Head of Manager Research just 18 months after joining the company as an analyst. Stanlib’s Multi-Manager team is responsible for the management of R150 billion worth of assets.

In addition, Kamini is also the co-owner of a private company, Avant–Garde Cooling. The company focuses on green, energy efficient sources of heating and cooling. Staring the company was another career challenge, but as Kamini says, “If it makes your heart beat faster, that’s the definition of living. We evolve a little more every time we reach beyond our perceived limitations.”

In line with this way of thinking, Kamini is also deeply involved in CSI and giving back, believing that the power of instilling self-belief in our youth cannot be underestimated.

Staying fit and healthy is part of what gives Kamini her boundless energy and she is a regular at the gym, as well as taking her dog on long walks – “we have great conversations and she never challenges my views,” Kamini laughs. 

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