Alta-Marie Grebe is living proof that life often takes unexpected turns. Her career in manufacturing and renewable energy is a case in point – as someone who came from a purely financial background, she found herself thrown into the deep end of this male dominated industry from the very start of her career.

Despite the fact that her career may be a somewhat unusual fit, Alta-Marie has thrived and excelled. She recalls that she was expected to hit the ground running but that she quickly came to grips with the industry. In fact, her clients say she is often more knowledgeable than the production manager – and that she would not shy away from running the factory herself if necessary.

Working in male dominated environment has not squashed Alta-Marie’s feminine spirit. She’s bubbly and outgoing, and loves to wear pink; she laughingly admits that even her safety boots have pink laces. Yet despite showing a confident face to the world, she admits that she still gets nervous – particularly when it comes to public speaking.

Alta-Marie joined DCD Wind Towers as the company’s youngest senior manager in 2013. At the time the company was South Africa’s first wind tower manufacturing company and Alta-Marie was tasked with setting up the entire finance department.

With her generous spirit, Alta-Marie hates to see other people suffer and she therefore dedicates much of spare time to making her own small difference. She was involved with the first Imfundo Project in Port Elizabeth, where a school was built in Malabar to provide foundation education to previously disadvantaged children between the ages of three and six, who are still living in abject poverty. The school operates without assistance from government and teaches 25 children on a daily basis, also providing them with breakfast and lunch.

Working with the RoleModels Foundation, Alta-Marie has subsequently been involved in an additional four Imfundo Projects throughout the country. She spends weekends providing meals to 150 people. Her passion for community upliftment was rewarded in 2015, when she was announced as the runner up in the PPS Professional Woman of the Year for the work she does with the youth of South Africa.

Alta-Marie spends a lot of time at the office, but weekends are reserved for her husband and two daughters. Fortunate enough to be located close to the beach, the family spends much of the summer enjoying the sea and sand. Alta-Marie is also an avid reader and runner. She tries her hand at golf from time to time, although she laughs when she says her husband calls her his handicap. 

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