Daylan Staude, Lecturer in Postgraduate Taxation and Taxation Honours, University of Fort Hare, 33

They say teaching is a calling and this must be said of Daylan Staude, whose passion for career development, training and mentoring; coupled with a strong technical ability led him to choose a career in academia over a partnership offer in a private auditing firm.

Before he started teaching, Daylan spent 10 years in practice at East London-based auditing firm, Moore Stephens. By the time he was 28, the auditing firm had offered him partnership, at which point he made the decision to step back and really think about which career path he wanted to follow.

“I had always been deeply involved in the development of my audit staff and enjoyed mentoring trainees. I’d worked hard and believed in achieving my full potential and the partnership offer was my reward. However, I felt I needed to re-evaluate what I wanted to do and teaching seemed to be the obvious choice for me,” Daylan says.

He joined the University of Fort Hare in 2011 where he lectured Accounting 3 for two years. At this point, he was appointed PGDA/CTA taxation lecturer. Daylan is also involved in the Tax Honours degree, he is the subject head of Taxation and the PGDA/CTA coordinator.

For Daylan, there is no better or more rewarding career than teaching. “I have also worked to become more qualified within my own profession, completing a Masters in commerce, as well as assessment and moderation modules,” he reveals.

When you love what you do, you do well at it, and Daylan is a perfect example of this adage. In 2014 he received the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award. The performance of his students is further testament to his teaching ability and their performance in the 2016 ITC exam saw the University of Fort Hare, along with the University of  Pretoria coming first in the country. This was perhaps the greatest achievement for Daylan, who believes that his success is measured by the success of his students.

Daylan has a great sense of humour and enjoys nothing better than having a good laugh with his colleagues. And while he loves to joke around, Daylan admits that his poker face definitely needs work and that most of the time, he gives himself away. 

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