Meet Ryan Mer – Managing Director, CQS Confirmations, 32

Ryan Mer’s entrepreneurial aspirations came at an early age – if he wasn’t selling chips and juice from his mother’s pantry to the neighbours, he was operating his successful silkworm breeding operation and selling the worms to the children at school.

When it became apparent that Ryan’s love of rugby would take place from the couch and not the field, he completed his CA (SA) at Wits University and started working at Grant Thornton in South Africa.

It was after he completed his traineeship and a secondment in the Los Angeles office of Grant Thornton that he and a good friend, Brett Chait decided to act on their desire to become entrepreneurs – exploring the opportunities available in the area of electronic bank audit confirmations. Ryan notes that starting a business with a good friend has been a definite highlight in his career.

The duo began their venture sitting in coffee shops but it wasn’t long before they were approached by CQS, which was already an established player in the audit software space, to partner with them. Ryan is now the MD of CQS Confirmations. Essentially, CQS Confirmations, in partnership with Confirmation.com, provides audit firms and financial institutions in Africa with an efficient and secure electronic process for requesting and responding to audit confirmation requests. The company offers the first ever online audit confirmation solutions to audit firms and banks throughout the African continent.

He counts the successful partnership with CQS as one of his greatest career achievements. An important highlight was signing up of the first bank and audit firm – Ryan recalls that this was the moment when he realised that what they had was actually a fully operating business and no longer just an idea. Another significant achievement has been the ability to improve the way banks and audit firms do confirmations.

In just a few years, Ryan’s dream of establishing a business that is sustainable and positioned to act on opportunities for growth has become a reality - and is something he is extremely proud to have been part of; although he admits he is still a long way from where he ultimately aims to be.

Ryan takes a balanced approach to life and enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as music and travel. Staying fit and healthy is a vital aspect of his life and he enjoys boxing and gym – in fact, any type of exercise at all, he says.


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