Meet Patrick Martin - Financial Director, Rema Tip Top South Africa, 34

Patrick’s colleagues describe him as the type of person who gets things done, and it’s clear to see they hold him in high esteem.

The Rema Tip Top/ Dunlop Group is an international group that consists of 23 local companies which vary in scope from 100 percent subsidiaries to joint ventures in which the Group has a 50 percent stake. True to Patrick’s need to seek growth and challenges, it wasn’t long after he joined the company that he started to initiate and implement strategic planning for the business – work that went beyond his actual role at the time, but resulted in the positive impact of the Group’s nett profit.

His hard work and strong management skills stood him in good stead and at the age of just 33, he was appointed as financial director. Patrick has a firm knowledge and appreciation of the South African business climate. He also has a keen interest in empowerment. For this reason he approached the CEO of the business at the time with a proposal for a joint venture agreement with a black economic empowerment partner he had identified. The venture resulted in the creation of Dunlop Industrial Africa (Pty) Ltd.

While no significant equity was required, the first year of trading showed a turnover of R55 million followed by R76 million in 2015. This year, the company looks set to achieve over R100 million in turnover.

For Patrick, there has been one single lesson that has shaped his career to date: “Keep going despite the failures and setbacks you’re bound to experience. Failure gives you strength and resilience.” His advice to young chartered accountants once they qualify is that they will find that doors will start to open and the business skills they learn along the way will guide them through many a crisis.

Patrick’s future will no doubt hold much success; his next career step is to become CEO, but that will certainly not be the limit. As ambitious as he is, Patrick is dedicated to his family and believes in the importance of keeping the balance between work and home. An avid Chelsea supporter, Patrick loves to watch his son playing soccer on Saturday mornings, he’s also a huge motor racing fan and runs to keep up his own fitness levels. 

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