Top 35 under 35: Dylan Wuth

SAICA Admin Dec 11, 2017

Meet Dylan Wuth, Financial Director, Ikhwezi Foods t/a Tradestar, 35 who completed his articles at EY, after which he moved to the United Kingdom. It was there that he started working at a leading investment bank – beginning as a back office associate and persevering until he reached the position of vice president on the trading floor of the bank.

That said, Dylan explains that at heart, he is an entrepreneur, which is what prompted him to leave the bank in 2011 and return to South Africa. “I wanted to follow a dream I’d had all my life, which was to own, run and grow a business back home,” he recalls.

On his return he joined a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) business in Ballito, which had established liquor and grocery outlets across rural areas in Kwa-Zulu Natal and turned his talents towards growing and modernising it. Tradestar is a group of grocery wholesalers, grocery Cash & Carry stores and several liquor stores providing the lowest prices to an ever expanding customer base.

It’s been six years since Dylan joined Tradestar, and he points out that there is a great deal to learn about the hugely competitive fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry in South Africa. As he has worked hard to learn the business, he has also implemented a number of key changes with regards to the way in which it operates by introducing new technology which has improved and updated processes and operations. 

In the time that Dylan has been a part of the business, it has enjoyed double digit growth and now employs 240 people across local Zululand communities. 

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