Once you’ve qualified as a CA(SA), paying your SAICA membership fee every year is mandatory. But don’t think of it as a grudge purchase. While, as a CA(SA), membership to SAICA is compulsory, there are a host of benefits for members, and once you’re more familiar with them, you can make sure you leverage your membership to its full advantage.

For starters, being a member of a professional industry body like SAICA makes you more credible in the job market and makes potential employers comfortable with your credentials – essentially it provides them with peace of mind and makes you an attractive option as a CA(SA). You could say that being a member of SAICA tells the world that you are a true professional.

SAICA is a well-respected organisation, both in South Africa and on a global scale. The organisation facilitates and maintains a good reputation for the profession. It also enables its members to stand in good stead within their current and future positions and trains them to be leaders, both within small and large businesses.

The CA profession encompasses the values of integrity, honesty and professionalism, and as its professional body, SAICA ensures a moral and ethical code is upheld amongst members. The services it provides to over 40 000 members (both locally and overseas) enables the reputation and quality of the CA(SA) profession to be upheld and for the quality of the designation to be maintained, which ultimately ensures the growth of the accounting profession, as well as to offer value to its members on a long-term basis.

A key way in which SAICA offers value to its members is by providing them with access to continued professional development (CPD). SAICA’s policy of lifelong learning means that members are given all the tools, workshops, seminars and information required to ensure that 10, 20 and 30 years down the line, your skills are as current and relevant as they are today. This is crucial in a profession and a business environment that is dynamic and constantly evolving.

It also means that you are always at the top of your game, both for your current career as well as for any future career aspirations you may have, not to mention ensuring you have a high earning potential. Attendance at formal CPD events and workshops is eligible for CPD points.

SAICA is also available to provide expert advice and support to members, and to this end, the organisation assists in terms of technical advice; as well as providing networking opportunities with like-minded professionals and fellow trainees at events and provides publications and training opportunities to enhance the competencies of CAs(SA).

Moreover, SAICA’s reciprocal relationships with other accounting bodies around Africa and the world means that your qualification as a CA(SA) is internationally respected and recognised. SAICA is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA), Charted Accountants Worldwide and the Pan-African Federation of Accountants. SAICA also belongs to the Group of 10 – the 10 leading accounting institutes in the world. 

At the end of the day, making the most of your membership will ensure the sustainability of your career within the accounting profession.


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