Its funny how life works - one minute you’re on top of the world, loving your job, your friends and your life, and the next, for no good reason, you’re feeling – well a bit…blah. There are so many reasons we feel unmotivated; perhaps you’re tired, maybe the routine in your life is getting too much for you, or it could be that your stress levels are sky high. Whatever the source of your frustration, we all get to a point where everything just seems like too much effort.

If you’re in this space, or ever have been, read on. We’ve put together a few tips that should get you back in the saddle and ready to take on the world.

First of all, you have to set goals. If you don’t have a goal, you have nothing to work towards and no wonder it’s hard to stay motived. If you do have future goals, but are still struggling to stay on track; remind yourself of what you ultimately want to achieve. Ideally, one should set short term goals and long term goals, so that you can measure your progress every step of the way. Rewarding yourself after each achievement is a good way of acknowledging how far you’ve come and celebrating every milestone.

Goals don’t only have to be career oriented. How about planning for a longed for holiday – even if it means you will have to save a little every month in order to reach this goal.

Start your day with exercise. There’s a lot of truth to the old adage ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. If you set aside some time for exercise (even if it’s a 15-minute walk or jog before work), you’ll be starting the day on a positive note, having already achieved something. You’ll have increased energy and the rush of endorphins, not to mention that exercise is a great stress reliever. If you really can’t fit it in before work, do it after work, but make some time in your day to get moving.

Let’s face it, no matter how much you love what you do, routine gets boring, and boredom is a great demotivator. Sadly, there’s no solution for avoiding routine, but you can try to break it up a little: take a different route to work, go for a run in your lunch break, try working in the company canteen or pause room instead of at your desk– a small change may be all you need to feel inspired again.

Speaking of inspiration, find yourself a mentor or friend who inspires you. Talk to them about what you’re going through. Read motivational articles or books and find out how your colleagues manage to stay motivated when the going gets tough; they’ve probably been where you are and may just have some good advice.

Think of it this way, life is stressful and everyone feels overwhelmed at times. Sometimes it actually helps not to focus on the bigger picture, but rather to break your day or your task into manageable steps that are easily achieved. As you cross each step off your to-do list, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and before you know it, you’ll be back on track. 

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