If there’s anything you’ll want to put into your diary this winter, it’s the SAICA CA nights events. The events will take place in Cape Town at the Deloitte Greenhouse on 6 July, and on 15 August at the Deloitte Greenhouse in Johannesburg.

The venues alone are truly inspirational spaces which promise to make each event an interactive and engaging experience: with writable walls where you’ll be invited to share thoughts and ideas and an animator on hand to bring them to life as well as a host of other cutting edge technical innovations.

SAICA will be hosting between 80 and 100 trainees at each event, who not only will have the chance to network with other trainees, but will also enjoy the opportunity to be inspired by other young CAs beating a path to success as they share their stories, in a Ted Talk format; as well as a yet-to-be-named headline speaker who will take you through his Journey to Greatness.

As a trainee, you may often feel that you’re at the bottom of the mountain and it seems a long way to the top – and sometimes getting there seems impossible. Attending events like CA Nights are a great opportunity to see that you’re not alone. After all there are over 7 000 trainees all going through similar experiences, challenges and frustrations; who are eager to share what they’re going through with like-minded people. You are an important part of this community.

“The journey to becoming a CA(SA) is both long and challenging, but once you’ve qualified, you’ll be able to unlock unlimited potential for your career,” says Adri Kleinhans, SAICA Project Director – Training. “Our theme, ‘Greatness Awaits’ encompasses just that – a CA(SA) qualification is hard won, but once you’re qualified, countless doors will open for you.”

Speakers at each CA Nights event have been carefully selected to share their extraordinary stories both to inspire you and to encourage you to keep an open mind in terms of where your qualification may lead. The CA(SA) qualification is highly sought after by many firms in the corporate word with numerous opportunities outside of the well-known accounting firms; not to mention the incredibly high percentage of CAs who move on to become CEOs or take on other senior management roles. Your trainee years are but one step in an ongoing journey to greatness.

Don’t miss out! Book your seat today!

For more information on the CA Nights events please send your enquiry to Trainee@saica.co.za




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