Member Services

Following a major restructure of the Institute in 2002, the Member Services division was established.
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The Members in Business unit ensures that CAs in business are afforded the opportunity to use the services. > Read more
The Small and Medium Practices department was established in 1996 within the Secretariat for the main purpose. > Read more
SAICA encourages its members to become involved in the various structures across the country. > Read more
To assist members in staying abreast of developments in various areas we offer a range of products and services.
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To assist members that have any queries with regard to the payment of subscriptions or payments for seminars and events.
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This site is intended to help achieve the above and I would like to welcome you to it. > Read more
SAICA runs hundreds of workshops, seminars, conference and networking events throughout the year. > Read more
Please make use of the Frequently Asked Questions section or the Search facility on the SAICA website to seek resolution to your query. > Read more